It is customary for most digital music stores to have strict submission requirements and only allow major distributors and premier independent aggregators access to their stores (most with over 2,000 tracks in their catalog).

Music Blast Global is proud to accept (for a limited time) music submissions from independent artists, labels and distributors. Visibility is one of the primary obstacles that separate independent artists from their major label counterparts. Founded by a music executive who has worn both the label exec hat as well as the management hat, Music Blast Global recognizes the importance of visibility and marketing and aims to level the playing field for independents to be able to effectively sell next to their major label peers.

What We Offer:
* Weekly SoundScan Reporting
* 70% - 75% Payout
[with no distributor needed our payouts are higher than iTunes and Amazon]
* Wave Downloads [better quality than MP3's]
* Advertisement Available
* Coupons & Promotions Available
* Warehousing & Fulfillment Available
* Non-Digital Products Accepted

While our requirements are far more relaxed than the "other guys", we do however, have a few requirements. 


Digital Music

Artists must submit a minimum of 1 track (with artwork and metadata).
Labels must submit a minimum of 5 releases initially (with artwork and metadata).
Distributors must submit a minimum of 25 releases initially (with artwork and metadata).
Tracks submitted by Artists must be their own recording (you cannot submit for another artist).

* All releases must have valid UPC and ISRC codes.*

Music: .wav format.
Artwork: 1500 x 1500 pixels, 300 dpi., containing no advertisements or contact information.

Digital Film
Film creators must submit a minimum of 1 film release (with artwork and metadata)
Film studios must submit a minimum of 5 film releases initially (with artwork and metadata)
Film distributors must submit a minimum of 25 film releases (with artwork and metadata)

* All film releases must have a valid UPC.

Non-Digital Products
Must submit a minimum of 1 release, issue or title.
Initial shipment must be a minimum of 25 units.

* All product must have valid UPC, ISBN or ISSN.


Digital Music

Payout: 70% of retail price (EP & Album) | 50% of retail price (Single).

Digital Film

Payout: 70% of retail price

Non-Digital Products (CD's, DVD's, Publications)
Price:  $150/year warehousing & fulfillment (up to 150 units) | $250/year (up to 500 units) | $350/year (500+ units)

Payout (CDs): See digital payout above.
Payout (Magazines, Books and Film): 75% of retail price

Additional Pricing
UPC: $20
ISRC: $2 per track
ISBN: Starting at $150

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